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"Modified vector Linux penguin"

by Anja Gerwinski

[Tux, the Linux Penguin] The original Linux penguin is a pixel graphic created by Larry Ewing using The GIMP.

It has been vectorized by Simon Budig and converted into sketch format by Bernhard Herzog.

This image is a slight modification of Simon's penguin. Essentially, it has a thinner mouth line to make it look closer to Larry's penguin.

This drawing is copyrighted by Simon Budig and Anja Gerwinski. Redistribution is free but has to include this README / Copyright notice.

Available formats:

* EPS file, 2002
penguin.eps.gz (105 kB)

* sketch format, 2002 (43 kB)
I included a drop shadow in the sketch file as a separate layer. Please note that if you want to use the shadow on any other background besides white, you have to adjust the color in sketch before you export as PostScript.

* tarball containing the above images plus the readme file
penguin.tgz (122 kB)
* Some programs do not like the way sketch creates gradients in PostScript, so the penguin's mouth line in the above .eps file may look strange. Here is the same image but without gradient:
penguin-nograd.eps.gz (102 kB)
* Andrew Jorgensen <> created a .wmf file that can be used in Thanks :-)
penguin-nograd.wmf.gz (71 kB)

Anja Gerwinski, September 22, 2003