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"Europa and the GNU"

by Anja and Peter Gerwinski

This artwork was created as a tribute to the GNU project. Enjoy! :-)

[image: "Europa and the GNU"] This artwork is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it according to terms of the Free Art licence.

For more information about the Free Art licence (in the spirit of the GNU GPL for software), see Copyleft Attitude.

We consider using one of these images in e.g. a magazine or on a web site as publication in a specific medium (see the Free Art licence paragraph 2.2), not as incorporation into another work (paragraph 3). This means:

"Europa and the GNU"

What's the story behind?
According to Greek mythology, Zeuss disguised as a bull carried princess Europa over the sea to the new continent which still bears her name today. Modern Europa is moving on, facing the future with the drive and spirit of GNU.

The following variants are available:

* "Europa and the GNU" front view
(c) 2001 Anja Gerwinski <anja@gerwinski.de>
b&w PostScript with circle
b&w PostScript with motto

* "Europa and the GNU" back view
(c) 2001 Anja Gerwinski <anja@gerwinski.de>
b&w PostScript

* T-shirt design for FSF Europe with motto and European map
(c) 2001 Anja Gerwinski <anja@gerwinski.de> and
Peter Gerwinski <peter@gerwinski.de>
two-page PostScript file
tarball including LaTeX source

* Pixel graphics
(c) 2001 Anja Gerwinski <anja@gerwinski.de>
* 1200x1200 white image on transparent background
(560 kB PNG)
[white on transparent]
* 1600x1200 desktop background: white on blue
(117 kB JPEG)
[white on blue]
* 1600x1200 desktop background: engraved blue gradient
(75 kB JPEG)
[engraved blue]
* FSF Europe button
(18 kB PNG)
[FSF Europe button]

The Latin motto on some of the images reads:
"Omnis enim res, quae dando non deficit, dum habetur et non datur, nondum habetur, quomodo habenda est."
Quoted from Aurelius Augustinus (4th century)
Source: Sigisbert Mitterer, "Bibliothek der Kirchenväter", Vol. 49, München 1925

In English this means: "For if a thing is not diminished by being shared with others, it is not rightly owned if it is only owned and not shared."

Anja Gerwinski, July 18, 2001